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Our exclusive Easter Island tours take you to “Tepito Ote Henua” (The Centre of the World), as the ancient people who created the iconic Moai statues called it when they lived there thousands of years ago. Easter Island truly is a special place, for not only is it the most remote inhabited island on the planet, but no other landmass is as isolated, giving it a unique aura of exotic mystery.

A national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Easter Island offers something for everyone, from the pink sand beaches of Ovahe and the heavenly charms of Anakena to its volcanoes, grasslands and remarkable marine life and, of course, the Moai statues that bore witness to the rise and fall of a complex and stratified society.

Its spirit still lives on today in its people, language, clothing, music, dance, crafts and food, with locals returning to their roots every February with Tapati Rapa Nui, two weeks of festivities based on ancestral traditions such as body painting, awe-inspiring competitions, song, dance and the selection of their queen. With its warm climate, continually improving tourism service infrastructure and the charm of its people coupled with the tranquillity and beauty of its landscapes, this exotic Polynesian island has plenty to offer travellers throughout the year – you’ll want to return time and time again.

Easter Island Tour Highlights

From the iconic megalithic Moai (also known as Mo‘ai) statues dotting the grassy flanks of an extinct, yet once violent, volcano at Vaihu and Akahanga to the exquisite tropical beaches that Polynesia is famous around the world for, there are many highlights awaiting you on an Easter Island holiday with South America Tours Pty Ltd, including:

  • Exploring the archaeological site of Ahu Vinapu and the ceremonial village at Orongo
  • Marvelling at the breathtaking view from the rim of the Rano Kau volcano
  • Visiting the megalithic Moai platforms at Vaihu and Akahanga at sunset
  • Diving and snorkelling in the island’s clear, tropical waters

Our Easter Island (Isla de Pascua) travel holidays are ideal for all travellers interested in experiencing the wonders of this exquisite Polynesian paradise and immersing themselves in its unique island culture that attracts visitors from all over the world. Our team of experienced travel specialists look forward to helping you select and customise the ultimate tour of Easter Island and the Moai statues that are found nowhere else on Earth, so why not start by exploring the holiday ideas listed below?


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