Planning a Holiday to South America

Planning a Holiday to South America

South America is a continent rich with things worth seeing and experiencing. It is home to some of the most unique countries in the world and amazing archaeological and natural sites.

Still, if you’ve never been there before, organizing a trip can be quite a daunting task.
We’re here to help you get things organized and provide you with some reliable tips, so you’ll have a seamless planning experience.

1. The Weather

Well, it can be a bit tricky to discuss weather on a continental level. South America is located south of the equator, which means that the seasons are a bit complex.

Chile and Colombia are fairly straightforward but northern Brazil and Columbia, for example, are prone to monsoons, which makes predicting their weather a bit more complicated.

Don’t rely on a generalized idea about South America’s weather. Research the weather in every country you intend to visit separately. Furthermore, some attractions are only accessible during specific seasons like the mirror effects of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. It all depends on what country you’re heading to and what attractions you want to visit.

2. Transportation

Apart from a few places, the South American continent does not have much of a railway system. Furthermore, since competition is scarce, the airlines that operate in South America can be rather expensive.

Fortunately, South American countries have some of the most sophisticated bus transportation networks in the world. These networks operate on an international level, so if you’re looking to book a complete South America tour, you can greatly benefit from them.

Although it is most definitely easiest to travel this beautiful continent by plane. When you travel by plane, you’ll get directly to your destination conveniently. At South America Tours, we have partnered with LATAM Airlines to provide our clients with discounted airfare. If you choose to travel with us, you’ll experience huge savings when traveling throughout South America.

3. Location

If you’ve decided you want to experience South America, travel its most prominent sites, and explore it, we have some news for you – you most likely won’t see every single South America travel destination in one go.

South America is massive! It’s home to many ancient civilizations, archaeological sites, natural wonders, urban areas with great culture and cuisine, and a whole lot more. To truly see everything of value it has to offer you’d have to devote a few years to traveling across this great continent.

We suggest that you limit your visits to one particular geographical or thematic approach so you can truly experience the locations you visit. Don’t allow yourself to become a slave to your own schedule and rush things. Be flexible and go with the flow.

Making yourself do more than you have the energy for or leaving when you want to stay will leave you feeling like you haven’t fully experienced the sites you’ve visited.

South America is a gem for travelers and taking a trip there will surely be one of your fondest memories. Do your research, be patient with your planning and you are bound to have an amazing experience! For help planning your South America tour, book a tour with South America Tours today!

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