Top Peru Amazon Lodges

Top Peru Amazon Lodges

Stretching across nine countries in South America, the Amazon Basin is home to the largest tropical rainforest, rich with lush jungles and impressive spots that you’ll never forget.

You should definitely visit this South American gem at least once in your life, and the best way to fully explore it and take in its breathtaking vibe is to check into one of its jungle lodges.

Some of the best jungle lodges the Amazon has to offer include immersive Peru lodges. Here are the top Peru lodges you should consider when planning a visit.

Refugio Amazonas Lodge

The 32-bedroom Refugio Amazonas lodge is located right next to the Tambopata National Reserve. It’s a true oasis deep within the rainforest, with a wide variety of exotic plants and animals, and a whole world of adventurous activities to engage in.

This is one of the best Amazon lodges for families, as there’s a jungle trail that is absolutely perfect for kids. As a matter of fact, the kid-friendly trail here is designed specifically for children so it’s filled with adventurous activities perfectly suited for children. Kids can also enjoy a fun treasure hunt to search for the Lost Brazil Nut.

The lodge has a spa where you can enjoy a relaxing massage and a bar where you can sip on some delicious drinks while marveling at the stunning views of the rainforest.

Tambopata Research Center

Deeper in the jungle lies the Tambopata Research Center. It’s a must if you’re interested in exploring the wildlife of the rainforest, as there are some of Amazon’s biggest clay licks nearby. You’ll be able to see lots of different birds, particularly long-tailed, colorful macaws.

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica

This luxury eco-lodge is adjacent to the Tambopata National Reserve and located in a private concession of 42,000 acres. If you’re looking for the most comfortable travel experience, Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica is your way to go.

Here you can indulge in relaxing hot showers, enjoy terracotta clay exfoliates, and truly recharge your batteries. You can hike various trails with the guidance of professional guides. There’s a hike from the Madre de Dios river to the sparkling Lake Sandoval, where you have an opportunity to see macaws, parrots, and various other tropical species.

Don’t miss the Inkaterra Canopy Walkway, where you’ll walk across hanging bridges through the treetops and get a chance to meet toucans, trogons, woodpeckers, and numerous other birds.

These three Amazon lodges are definitely the best jungle lodges Amazon has to offer throughout Peru. If you choose either of these for your next trip, be sure to also take one of the numerous exciting South America tours we have to offer and further explore all the hidden gems of this stunning continent.

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