Top Tips for Seniors Touring the Amazon

Top Tips for Seniors Touring the Amazon

You’ve finally reached the age when you can treat yourself with a couple of long weeks off. Why not book an Amazon tour? You deserve it!

But…before you head out, you must understand that there are a few precautions you must take as a senior when take a trip to the Amazon. The Amazon is vast and challenging – you’ll need to be well-prepared for this lively adventure.

Here is our advice on staying safe and healthy during you Amazon tours for seniors:

Don’t Go Anywhere Without Insurance

You’re traveling to a magnificent, but foreign land. In the event of something bad happening, say getting hurt or losing your medication, you probably won’t know where or how to seek help. Your medical coverage doesn’t apply anywhere beyond the boundaries of your country, which means that receiving proper care can be expensive. All the reason more to get additional travel insurance before you leave.

Get Ready for a Few Pesky Bites


The Amazon rainforest is notorious for its persistent and frustrating bugs and the only countermeasure you can employ is to have a strong insect repellent on you at all times. It will help you fend off other curious creatures that slither, crawl, and creep in the Amazon. And for the night time, bring a mosquito net for a good night’s sleep and watch your step during the day.

Find a Traveling Buddy to Rely On

Though most senior travel tips focus on first aid kits and other go-to solutions that can help you in the event of getting sick or injured, we’d like to propose a slightly different approach – eliminate all health risks by assigning yourself a traveling buddy. You certainly don’t plan to explore the Amazon alone, but if you’re traveling with a group of strangers, try to make a friend that can watch over you.

Stay Hydrated from Dusk till Dawn

High humidity is another thing to be cautious about on the Amazon tours, especially if you’re not as young and vigorous as you used to be. You’ll need to stay hydrated at every second of the day. This increases the risk of heatstroke, so make sure that your head is properly protected from the sun. Also, take a breather whenever you can.

In general seniors touring the Amazon need to take good care of your medicine (have them on you at all times), pack light (otherwise, beware of pickpockets), stay with the group, and wear walking shoes.

If you’re interested in booking an Amazon tour for seniors, book with South America Tours today!

Safe travels, everyone!

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